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Renovation systems

Renovation systems


Concrete flooring defects and how to fix them...


Popouts, flaking of concrete

Popouts, flaking
in concrete surface

Our answer:

Fill void with Terrafill® 2-component mortar

See also: photos and video.

Cracking concrete slab

of floor slab

Our answer:

a. With limited, "hairy" cracking, particularily inside buildings, do nothing.

b. With extensive cracking or curling (cracking similar to spider net), especially if spalling also occurs, consider repair with Terrafill® mortar.

c. With "hairy" cracking exposed to rain, freezing, seal the surface with Baupox® 100 GP resin.

Blisters, delamination of concrete

Delamination, blisters
resulting in uneven surface

Our answer:

After removing loose material:

a. grind/polish concrete. More.

b. Baufloor® PCC flooring screed (8-15 mm thick).

c. Terrafloor® decorative flooring dcreed (10-30 mm thick). Watch video.

d. Unifloor® floor base (25-50 mm thick). May be left as is or troweled with concrete hardener, covered with tiles or resin.

Dusting flooring

Dusting floor

Our answer:

a. Grind (optionally polish) surface and concurently apply silicate-lithium densifiers - we call the technology X-Floor®. As a bonus you get better floor look and durability (compared to original surface). Watch video.

b. Surface impregnation with
Baupox® 100 GP resin.

Slab fragmentation, deformation

Poor foundation
/too thin slab

Our answer:

Most often the slab needs to be removed and constructed again. We recommend DST hardened concrete floor technology.


We offer concrete renovation, maintenance and care systems.

There are no hopeless cases, so if you do not know which product to choose, be sure to contact us. Ideally please send us a photo of the damaged surface.






Concrete floor after grinding, polishing



Concrete floor before grinding, polishing.



X-FLOOR® - concrete surface renovation by grinding/polishing

Recommended technology. If dusting or blisters are the case, consider this method of repair: grinding (optionally polishing) the concrete. A contractor will remove loose material, then - applying our polymer-silicate-lithium Nanoseal® and Nanocoat® densifiers - will carry out final surface grinding/polishing. Distinctive from other technologies is that the densifiers penetrate the slab deeply. As a result lower layers of concrete are reinforced as well as upper. We call it chemical reinforcement. Additionally this reinforcement gets even stronger with time (after a few years the slab will be even stronger).


For what interiors?

Any. Warehouses, depots, corridors, public buildings, office interiors, even private homes. Technology viable with medium to big areas, due to a cost of bringing grinding machinery on the site.


How to learn the technology?

If you feel demand exists on your market for this kind of technology, please contact us, we will be able to deliver our densifiers to your market.


More on technology




Refurbishment products for floors and external surfaces


Baupox resin sealer

BAUPOX® GP, colourless, deeply‐penetrating epoxy agent for concrete surfaces

Two‐component, colourless, deeply‐penetrating agent on the basis of epoxy resins. Strengthening and sealing of concrete foundations and cement screeds. As an anti‐dusting agent for industrial floors subject to intensive activity of external factors.

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Lithium silicate densifier


TERRASEAL® Lithium silicate densifier, sealer
is highly‐efficient chemical agent for curing and sealing Terrafloor® decorative screeds and grinded concrete floors. Results in highly‐resistant cement matrix of extreme physical and chemical properties thanks to penetration and strengthening of concrete at the molecular level.

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TERRACOAT® Lithium silicate polishing agent
highly advanced formula based on lithium silicate and modified copolymers to be used on Terrafloor® screeds and grinded concrete.

Thanks to small molecular size, TERRACOAT deeply penetrates concrete matrix, creating so‐called micro‐reinforcement surface formula, which guarantees high chemical and physical resistance, seals the floor surface and creates a coherent, non‐dusting structure.

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Concrete surfaces repair solution


TERRAFILL® (0,5 mm – 3 mm), two‐component solution for repair of concrete surfaces, cement screeds and polished floors

Preparation for the repair of concrete floors and cement screeds, of high mechanical resistance, flexibility and perfect adhesion to the foundation. Very long open time (up to several hours). Very short setting time in layers of up to 3 mm (20 min.).

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NanosealNanoseal sealer for concreteNanotechnology


NANOSEAL®, Lithium and polymer based agent for the curing, strengthening and sealing of concrete surfaces

The agent based on lithium silicate deeply penetrates the surface of concrete and by entering into reaction with free calcium hydroxide creates a hard, resistant, tight and coherent structure. To be used on old and newly‐made concrete floors in warehouses, production halls, food and pharmaceutical production plants, com‐mercial and religious facilities.

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Nanocoat polishing agentNanotechnology


NANOCOAT®, Silicate and polymer based polishing agent for concrete floors

Advanced formula based on lithium silicate and modified copolymers to be used on concrete surfaces and thin‐layer cement floors. To be used on old and newly‐made concrete floors in warehouses, production halls, food and pharmaceutical production plants, com‐mercial and religious facilities.

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Bautech Formula
Bautech Formula sealerNanotechnology


BAUTECH FORMULA, silicate and polymer based agent for curing, strengthening and sealing of concrete surfaces

Waterbased solution of silicates of selected alkali metals that chemically modifies surface of concrete floors. To be used on old and newly-made concrete floors in warehouses, production halls, food and pharmaceutical production plants.

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Baufloor Enduro

thin layer PCC trowelled screed bag

BAUFLOOR® ENDURO Thin‐layer, trowelled concrete floor PCC, 8‐15 mm

Production of even, smooth, abrasion‐resistant, thin‐layer, floated concrete floors that are suitable for intensive use on new and repaired concrete foundations. To be used indoors and outdoors, in steel and power plants, production facilities, warehouses etc.

Consumption approx. 2,0 kg/m2 for each mm

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Flooring available in colours:

See thin-layer floor samples

Baufloor Top

Anti slip screed, bag

BAUFLOOR® TOP Thin-layer, self-spread polymer-cement PCC flooring, 8-15 mm,

Production of even, anti-skid, smooth, abrasion‐resistant thin-layer PCC flooring on new and repaired concrete foundations. To be used indoors and outdoors, in manufacturing plants, warehouses, parking lots, etc. 

Consumption approx. 2,0 kg/m2 per each mm of thickness

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Flooring available in colours:

See thin-layer floor samples

Baufloor Press

Baufloor Press decorative stamped screed, bag

BAUFLOOR® PRESS Thin‐layer, self‐spread decorative floor PRESSBETON® 8‐15 mm CT‐C40‐F10‐A15
Making of decorative, thin‐layer surfaces in PRESSBETON® technology on existing concrete foundations. To be used in parking lots, squares, pavements, terraces, patios, in pubs, restaurants, public facilities, commercial centres and in other facilities of higher aesthetic requirements.

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Screed available in colours:

See Pressbeton® samples

unifloor Worek-UniFloor

UNIFLOOR® Polymer‐cement universal floor base, thickness 25 – 50 mm
Making of thin‐layer floor bases on concrete surfaces. Perfect for flats, shopping malls, shops, production plants, schools, airports, train stations, car showrooms and sacral buildings.

Consumption approx. 2,0 kg/m2 per each mm of thickness.

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Block paving sealer

BRUKSEAL® Sealer for concrete block paving
Clear light stable sealer used for block paving to enhance appearance whilst facilitating easy removal of oil and other stains. Also inhibits the growth of moss and weeds and stabilises the jointing sand.

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See also: Why and how to seal block paving?


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