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Reinforcing fibres

Reinforcing fibres

Polymer fiber for concrete

Baumex® polymer fiber


Steel fiber

Baumix® steel fiber


Polypropylene fiber

Baucon® polypropylene fiber

Concrete reinforced with polymer, steel and polypropylene fibers (fibred concrete) belongs to so-called composite materials. Compared to regular concrete, fibred concrete is characterised by improved crack control, better fatigue resistance, greater tensile performance. The level of fibres' performance depends strongly on quality and amount of fibres applied, their shape and dimensions as well as their adhesion to mature concrete. Utilizing our industrial flooring experience and in cooperation with leading research centres in Poland, we have developed and patented our own assortment of Baumex® polymer fibres, Baumix® steel fibres and Baucon® polypropylene fibres.

Reinforcing fibre concrete

Polypropylene reinfrcing fibre

posadzki przemysłowe włokna zbrojenioweWarehouse reinforcement fibre

Concrete reinforced with fibers



BAUMEX® polymer fiber – patented, innovative synthetic fibre making use of modern polymers' characteristics: extreme strength and flexibility. Custom-designed shape together with advanced materials result in unique fiber capable of replacing traditional steel mesh or steel fibre reinforcement, as well as offering impressive concrete tensile strength.




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Thanks to relatively short and thin Baumix® steel fibres - fibered concrete becomes more homogenous than traditional concrete. This is due to hooked Baumix fibre endings, which perfectly anchor in concrete matrix. Still Baumix® fibers are even more efficient due to their slimness (length to diameter ratio). The higher the slimness, the more efficient the fiber is, and lower dose for cubic meter.


Steel fibre section

d - diameter, l - length, λ - slimness (lenght to diameter ratio)


Steel fibers, alternatively to traditional reinforcement, are also supported by economical reasons, e.g. possibly much thinner concrete slab, lower material, labour and transport costs necessary for traditional welded mesh concrete reinforcing.


Steel fibers 


Concrete reinforced with Baumix® steel fibres is homogenous material with homogenously distributed reinforcement, which results in:

  • Improved tensile strength while bending
  • Improved durability
  • Shrinkage reduced by 20 to 40 %
  • Improved compression resistance
  • Improved dust proofness
  • High impact resistance against static and dynamic loading
  • Improved frost resistance
  • Improved rust proofness
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • High sudden tempearure changes resistance

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BAUCON® polypropylene fibres are used to prevent concrete shrinkage. They work merely until concrete itself is capable of bearing greater load then polypropylene fibre. Baucon® polypropylene fibre innovatove shape allows for only 600 g of fibre per cu. m for the concrete mixture to be strong enough.


Polipropylenowe włókna zbrojeniowe Baucon Polypropylene fibres

Polypropylene fibers


Add polypropylene fibres to concrete to achieve following:

  • prevent cracks when curing concrete
  • avoid steel welded wire mesh
  • minimize water absorbency
  • improve frost resistance
  • improve concrete homogeneity
  • improve rust proofing
  • improve dust-proofness

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polymer Fiber


Polymer fiber, bag

BAUMEX® polymer reinforcing fiber
Extremely stong and flexible synthetic polymer fibres. They can both replace steel mesh or steel fiber reinforcement, as well as make auxiliary reinforcement of concrete slab, wall, etc.
Dosage from 1,5 kg of fiber per 1 m3 of concrete.


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Steel fiber


Steel fibre

BAUMIX® 60 steel reinforcing fibres
Steel fibres for industrial floors and pavement reinforcement. Eliminates traditional mesh reinforcement and increases durability of concrete.
Dosage: from 15 kg per cu.m. of concrete.


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BAUMIX 5050 

Steel fibers for concrete

BAUMIX® 50 steel reinforcing fibres for concrete
Steel fibres for industrial floors and pavement reinforcement. Eliminates traditional mesh reinforcement and increases durability of concrete.
Dosage: from 15 kg per cu.m. of concrete.


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Polypropylene fiber


Polypropylene fibres

BAUCON® Polypropylene fibres
Polypropylene fibres reduces concrete shrinkage while improving the toughness of the substrate.
Dosage: 0,6 kg per cu.m. of concrete.


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