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Apartment, home, sitting-room flooring

Modern minimalist cottage


Villa, chimney, family



Concrete polished flooring screed at family room


Project name: Show home


Technology: Baufloor® Ultima polished flooring screed.


Possible applications: home, apartment, cottage, dining room, family room, suite, residence, villa, office


Residential flooring 

BAUFLOOR® ULTIMA is thin layer screed for up-market polished concrete flooring. The system is wear resistant and durable. Suitable for both new buildings and redecorated interiors. Great for home, apartment, suite.


11 reasons to build Baufloor at single-family house or apartment:

  1. High wear resistance
  2. Mirror like gloss. Brighter interior
  3. High dust proofness
  4. Resistant to mechanical impact, e.g. playing children, dropped tool
  5. Smooth, even, hard surface
  6. Rich colour range
  7. Easy to maintain, sweep, wash
  8. Durable
  9. Easy to build and reasonably priced
  10. Chemical resistant
  11. Cheap to maintain


Wylewka na kafelkiSuitable for wet rooms, e.g. bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool premises.


Dark grey colour of our screed (chosen by majority of customers) matches most furniture. Bright wood chairs look great on the flooring - check here.


Looking for system appropriate for home, residence, sitting room, family room, suite, apartment? Chceck the following project as well: project 1, project 2, project 3, project 4, project 5.


We will export to your country - whether you are a contractor or wholesaler -  simply call us!



Polished concrete flooring screed at suite

Baufloor® Ultima decorative polished concrete flooring at show home's sitting room.


Sitting room floor. Terrace view

Family room with terrace view. Baufloor® Ultima glossy flooring.


Concrete floor. Wooden terrace door

Wooden window frames and terrace wall lining blend with graphite flooring.


VIDEO: How to build Baufloor® Ultima flooring






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Summary: polished flooring screed, concrete, sitting-room, family room, suite, home, villa, cottage, residence, apartment



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