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Concrete flooring screed

Bauseal® Eko, water-based PCC screed sealer


Water-based sealer for concrete floors


Bauseal Eko sealer for concrete industrial floors

BAUSEAL® EKO is a ready‐to‐use water dispersion of acrylic resin, which impregnates concrete surface while sealing and hardening it. BAUSEAL® EKO does not degrade and it creates a permanent bonding with the concrete matrix.




  • To be used on new and existing BAUFLOOR® floors in non‐trowelled technology  
    • As protection from losing water too quickly,
    • For surface impregnation limiting absorbency. Makes it easier to keep the floor clean.
  • To be used on existing surface‐hardened concrete floors and floated BAUFLOOR® floors to strengthen their surface, decrease absorbency and protect from dusting.
  • To be used on newly‐made, surface‐hardened concrete floors and floated BAUFLOOR® floors in the food and pharmaceutical industry etc.
  • To be used on newly‐made wall layers of MULTITOP® VERTICAL.

For professional use only.


  • Ready to use
  • Non yellowing
  • Odorless
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Impregnates and hardens concrete
  • Dust proofs
  • Prevents carbonization
  • Reduces penetration of chloride
  • Increases frost‐resistance
  • Increases resistance to chemical aggresion
  • Ecological

BAUSEAL® EKO sealer can be used at ambient and surface temperature +5°C ÷ + 25°C only.



BAUSEAL® EKO sealer is provided ready to use. Mix the contents of the pack thoroughly.

Protect from freezing.



BAUSEAL® EKO sealer should be applied with the spraying method, with a low‐pressure spraying machine. The preparation should be applied once, with a thin layer, paying attention that no puddles are left. BAUSEAL EKO should be applied:

  • on newly‐made BAUFLOOR after about 12 hours
  • on existing concrete floors, after washing and drying them thoroughly
  • on a newly‐made concrete floor, immediately after the last mechanical floating
  • on wall layers of MULTITOP® VERTICAL when the surface dries up, but not earlier than after 12 hours

CAUTION! In case of very absorbent foundations the preparation should be applied in two layers. Note that BAUSEAL® EKO, due to its low thickness, will wear out and the layer will have to be renewed.


The equipment and tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use.


BAUSEAL® EKO is non‐toxic substance Workers should use protective clothing, shoes, glasses and gloves. In case of contact with the skin, immediately wash the soiled places with water with soap. This is an alkaline preparation which may irritate the eyes and skin. In case of allergic reaction consult your physician. The preparation is harmless to the environment. Keep out of the reach of children.


Water-based PCC screed sealer - Technical sheetpdf



Waterbased sealer, industrial floor, cutaway


All the information herein refers to products stored and used according to our recommendations, has been presented in good faith and takes into account the current state of knowledge and experience of BAUTECH. You are obliged to use the product in accordance with its intended purpose and BAUTECH’s recommendations. All the technical information provided is based on laboratory tests and trials. Out‐of‐laboratory tests may give different results due to the conditions, location, manner of application and other circumstances that are out of BAUTECH’s control. Any different recommendations issued by our employees must be made in writing; otherwise, they shall be deemed null and void. These instructions replace all the previous ones and make them void.


5 l, 20 l


6 months from the date on the packaging, if stored in original, tightly closed packaging, in ventilated rooms, at the temperature between 5°C and 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight. PROTECT FROM FREEZING!

Density approx. 1,0 g/cm3
Efficiency 1 l / 8 - 12 m2
Number of layers 1-2
Drying time at +20°C approx. 24 h
Chemical resistance e.g. oils, chloride‐based whitening agents, ethyl alcohol, alkaline detergents, printing paint
Application temperature: from +5°C to +25°C


Tags: water-based, sealer, ecological, environmentally-friendly, pcc, screed, non-trowelled, concrete, sealing, impregnating, thin-layer


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