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Concrete flooring screed

Bauseal Enduro sealer

bausealenduroBAUSEAL ENDURO is a clear acrylic resin polymer solution, which impregnates concrete surfaces to combine all the benefits of curing, hardening, dustproofing and sealing. BAUSEAL ENDURO is nondegrading and remains permanently in the concrete matrix.



BAUSEAL ENDURO impregnates and gives a permanent, hard wearing, non-dusting surface to existing concrete or fresh wet concrete floors. It forms an effective curing membrane for fresh wet concrete..

For professional use only.



  • cures, seals, dust proofs and hardens in one operation
  • quick drying and economical
  • can be applied immediately after finishing new concrete thus saving on cost of polythene or other curing agents
  • can also be applied to mature concrete
  • non yellowing
  • supplied as a single component, ready-to-use liquid
  • quick and easy to apply by unskilled labour


BAUSEAL ENDURO may be sprayed onto newly laid concrete immediately after the final powerfloating. After finishing the concrete, BAUSEAL ENDURO should be applied evenly, as a fine mist spray, from a low pressure sprayer onto concrete which is free from surface water. In severe drying conditions take precautions to reduce air movement and floor surface temperature and cover the floor in polythene sheeting as soon as the BAUSEAL ENDURO is dry. In hot weather store BAUSEAL ENDURO containers in a cool place prior to use. When stored below 0°C BAUSEAL ENDURO may thicken which could make spraying less easy. BAUSEAL ENDURO is also ideal to apply to mature concrete surfaces provided these are clean and have no free surface water. BAUSEAL ENDURO provides an in-surface seal and spills of hydraulic/oil etc. may cause staining if not cleaned promptly. BAUSEAL ENDURO should be stirred well before use.



Coverage: 8 to 10 m2 per litre per coat depending on porosity of surface.
Application temperature: min. 5oC
Drying time at 20°C: Touch dry 2 to 4 hours
Fully dry 24 hours
Curing efficiency: 75%
Packaging: 20 litre drums
Shelf life: 6 months if kept unopened in original sealed containers in a frost free location.
Equipment cleaning: Spraying equipment should be cleaned using white spirit.


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