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Concrete flooring screed

Baufloor technical data sheet

baufloorBAUFLOOR are mixes of highly effective polymer modified cements, hard aggregates and pigments. They pose no hazards for health and have no unpleasant odour.
Thanks to application of original recipes the surfacing may have different textures: smooth - floating with a mechanical float, "orange peel" - rolled with a studded roll, decorative PRESSBETON surfacing - desired patterns pressed using moulds.



The BAUFLOOR is used for making the surface new concrete flooring or for renewal of the old and worn flooring, forming a nice coating with considerable life. The variety of finishing techniques allows adapting this surface to the individual character of the given interior and requirements imposed by the investor.

  • garages, parking lots
  • production facilities, warehouses
  • terraces, patios
  • ecorative flooring inside various facilities

For professional use only.



Preparation of concrete surfacing

The surface of the existing concrete shall be free of all impurities and loose parts, and the existing losses and cracks must be repaired, and then roughened by shot blasting or milling. Working joints and shrinkage gaps in the concrete surfacing must be thoroughly cleaned and filled with BAUFLEX expansion material. Once the BAUFLOOR flooring has been completed, the joints and gaps should be projected in the surface, and then cut and filled. The last recommended stage of flooring preparation is providing two layers of priming by BAUGRUNT by spraying or roller.

Preparation of mix

BAUFLOOR is to be missed with a measured quantity of water in a mixer until a suitable consistence of the mix has been achieved, which is controlled using a measuring vessel. Quantities of added water per 30 kg of mix and time of outflow from the measuring vessel are as follows:

  • BAUFLOOR applied by rolling - 3.7l; minimum 10 seconds, maximum 12 seconds
  • PRESSBETON BAUFLOOR - 3.6l; not measured, results from spreading possibilities
  • BAUFLOOR applied by floating - 3.8l; 16 seconds, not measured, results from spreading possibilities


Execution methods of BAUFLOOR surfacing

Directly before laying each of the systems, the BAUBOND adhesion layer shall be applied according to the product technical chart.

BAUFLOOR applied by rolling

The fresh BAUFLOOR mixed with mortar is to be taken to the place where it is to be applied, and then spread using a distance scraper. Studded shoes shall be used for walking over the wet mortar. The surface shall be treated with a studded roller until sufficient deaeration and evenness have been achieved, with no irregularities. Air temperature and humidity and wind determine the time of rolling with a studded roll.
Directly after it has been found that the floor may be safely walked on, i.e. ca. 12 hours at a temperature of 20oC, the flooring is to be covered by foil or one of the BAUSEAL impregnate is to be applied to the surface by spraying of by a roller.


Spreading the BAUFLOOR preparation and its deaeration shall be executed n a way presented in the rolled system. The thickness of pouring depends on the thickness of pattern to be made. Consequently the entire surfacing shall be thoroughly smoothed using a special steel float, including finishing the edges.
At an appropriate time the desired pattern is to be pressed using PRESSBETON moulds, following application of a divider to prevent adhesion of moulds to the surface. Once the poured material has been bound, the divider substance is to be removed with a pressure washer, and then the dry surface is to be impregnated with one of BAUSEAL impregnates by spraying or rolling.




The fresh made BAUFLOOR mortar shall be taken to the place of its application and spread using a distance scraper, or stripped using an edge set on formwork made of angle bars. Then the entire surface is to be deaerated using a studded roll. Once the surface has hardened to such an extent that it allows walking on it without leaving deep marks, mechanical floating is to be commenced by applying Diesel wing floats. For initial floating a disk is applied, and subsequent floating is performed with wings set up at gradually increasing angles. Immediately after completing the floating process the entire surface shall be impregnated with one of BAUSEAL impregnates by spraying or using a velour float.
Despite high viscosity, higher than in the event of other standard self-poured mixes, the BAUFLOOR mix is supplied in a workable state and assures that an even finishing surface would be achieved. It is not permissible to add more water than 4.5 litre per 30 kg of BAUFLOOR preparation.


The BAUFLOOR coating shall be cured using one of BAUSEAL impregnates. For a flooring on which floating was mechanical, curing is done immediately after the last floating, while an unfloated flooring is cured only once its surface has dried. The flooring requires having it covered with foil during high ambient air temperatures. The colour of BAUFLOOR flooring may be characterised by certain insignificant differences in shading, which is a natural phenomenon for concrete surfaces.




Strength: compressive strength >45 MPa
bending strength > 12 MPa
Adhesion to concrete surfacing: >1,6 MPa
Fire classification: A1fl
Kinetic friction ratio:
dry ?0,24
after wetting ?0,12
after oiling ?0,08
Grindability: fulfils criteria of PN-83/B-06256
BAUGRUNT priming preparation : 5 l cans
BAUFLOOR mix: 30 kg bags
BAUBOND adhesion layer: 25 kg bags
BAUGRUNT: 0,2 to 0,4 l/m2
BAUBOND adhesion layer: 1,5 to 2,5 kg/m2
BAUFLOOR: 2 kg/m2 for each mm of thickness
BAUSEAL ENDURO/EKO: 0,1 to 0,3 l/m2
Thickness of wet BAUFLOOR Mix: 2400 kg/m3
Minimum thickness: 8 mm
Maximum thickness: 20 mm
Usage time: 30 min. after mixing with water at 20°C
Completion of setting: 4,5 hours at 20°C
Cleaning of tools: with water, immediately after use
Attestations: ITB, PZH






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