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Baupox 100 STR | Universal epoxy resin


Baupox 100 STR epoxy resinUniversal, colourless epoxy resin for technical applications




BAUPOX® 100 STR a two‐component, transparent epoxy resin for universal applications.



  • Impregnation and grounding of stabilized concrete foundations and cement screeds.
  • Making levelling layers and polymer screeds.
  • Making base layers in systems with granulate from natural or dyed quartz aggregate.
  • Making epoxy‐glass laminates
  • Anchoring of elements in various types of foundations
  • Repairing cracks, scratches and defects

NOTE:  do not use for finishing layers.


For professional use only.



Concrete foundation must be stable and of proper carrying capacity for the target static and dynamic loads – concrete of class no less than C20/25 of minimal stripping strength 1,5 N/mm2. The acceptable humidity of the foundation cannot exceed 4% in terms of weight.

The foundation must have a hermetic horizontal insulation protecting it from moisture sucked up through capillary tubes.

Foundations which are to be protected with epoxy layers must be clean and absorbent. Cement wash, dirt of all kinds and old protection layers should be removed mechanically by grinding, shot blasting or milling. When renovating old epoxy floors, their adherence to the foundation must be absolutely checked (no less than 1.5 N/mm2) and the surface degreased and tarnished mechanically.



  • Temperature of the foundation – no less than +10°C
  • Relative humidity of the air – max. 75%

NOTE: Special attention should be paid that the temperature of the foundation be at least 3°C over the dew point.

Rooms in which the works are performed must be ventilated.



BAUPOX® 100 STR is provided in original boxes where the amount of component A (resin) corresponds chemically to the amount of com‐ponent B (hardener). Depending on the final use, the material should be prepared in proper amounts. The indicated weight propor‐tions must be observed at all times.

After adding component B to component A mix it all thoroughly with a slow‐speed mixer (max.400 revolutions per minute) until a ho‐mogenous mixture is achieved (about 3‐5 minutes). In case of pre‐paring repair, levelling or base mortars, mineral filler should be added to the resin during mixing in the amount appropriate for the given use.



At the temperature of 20°C and at the relative air humidity of 60‐70%, the material remains suitable for use for 25‐30 minutes after mixing.

  • Increasing the temperature shortens the setting time of the resin and lowers its viscosity.
  • Lowering the temperature prolongs the setting time of the resin and increases its viscosity.



At the temperature of 20°C and relative air humidity of 60‐70%:

  • pedestrian traffic – after 24 hours
  • mechanical loads – after 72 hours
  • complete resistance – after 7 days

Universal transparent epoxy resin - Technical sheet pdf




Grounding layer

BAUPOX® 100 STR should be applied on the foundation in one or two layers using a rubber squeegee and then a roller, until the effect of even and complete saturation is achieved.

Depending on the kind of the target floor solution, the fresh surface may be left smooth or sprinkled over with fractional quartz aggregate in the amount of 0.50‐1.50 kg/m2.

In case of grounding without sprinkling over with quartz aggregate, it may be diluted with xylene or BAUSOLVENT modifier in the amount not exceeding 25% of the weight of the resin.

Consumption: 0,25-0,50 kg/m2 - depending on the absorptivity and class of the foundation.

Base layer in systems with granulate from quartz aggregate

Apply BAUPOX® 100 ST filled in the proportion of 1:1 with quartz aggregate fraction 0.2‐0.8 mm evenly on the foundation using a long steel float, leaving on its surface a uniform layer filling the pores and levelling slight irregularities in the surface. Sprinkle the surface over, completely and evenly, depending on the target flooring solution, with natural or dyed quartz aggregate of proper fraction (about 3.0 kg/m2).

When it hardens, sweep the excessive amount of the aggregate, delicately regrind the surface with abrasive paper and then remove dust from the whole of it.

Consumption: 0,60 kg/m2

Epoxy screeds

Apply BAUPOX® 100 STR filled in the proportion of 1:5 to 1:10, de‐pending on the fraction of the aggregate used, evenly on grounded foundation with a long steel float, then float it manually or mechani‐cally until a uniform surface is obtained.

Consumption of the mixture per 1 mm of the layer: approx. 1,8 kg


Epoxy‐glass laminate

Apply BAUPOX® 100 STR evenly on the prepared surface using a roller or brush, lay strips of glass mat that were cut earlier, then additionally saturate the mat with resin.

Consumption of the resin depending on the glass mat used is be‐tween 1 and 1.8 kg.



Contact of newly made surfaces with moisture (rain, dew, high humidity of the air) will disturb the setting process. The surface may remain sticky for a longer period of time and have a tendency to develop milk‐like pigmentation.



10 kg, 20 kg



Tools as well as possible stains should be cleaned when still fresh with acetone.



BAUPOX® 100 STR is classified as a dangerous material. Guidelines as to the safety of work are included in the specification sheet of dan‐gerous chemical preparations.



  • All the information contained herein refers to products stored and used in accordance with our recommendations. They have been presented in good faith and take into account the current state of knowledge and experience possessed by Bautech. You are obliged to use the product in accordance with its intended purpose and Bautech’s recommendations. All the technical in‐formation provided herein is based on laboratory tests and trials. Out‐of‐laboratory tests may give different results due to the con‐ditions, location, manner of application and other circumstances that are out of Bautech’s control. Any different recommenda‐tions issued by our employees require a written form, on pain of nullity. These instructions replace all the previous ones and make them void.
  • In case of adverse humidity and temperature conditions, heaters and/or air driers must be used.



6 months from the date of production specified on the packaging, when stored on pallets in originally closed packaging and at the tem‐perature from +10 to 25°C.



Product compliant with EN-13813

Mixing proportions

(compo‐nent A – component B)

100 : 22  in terms of weight


approx. 1,0 g/cm3


colourless, transparent

Usability time at
+20°C - 100g

approx. 25 min.

Adhesion after 28 days

over 1,5 N/mm2 (B1,5)

Application temperature

from +10°C to +25°C

Temperature of the foundation at least 3 °C over the dew point.




EN 13813



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