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Epoxy Resin Floors


BAUPOX Epoxy resin flooring

Everywhere where there is a need for a slip resistant, easy maintenance floor providing bacteria and mould resistance, which is also colorful, attractive and resistant to aggressive chemicals, Bautech Resin Floor System is the perfect solution. Our resins are available in a wide choice of colors and when applied onto concrete or other rigid substrates they provide long lasting, decorative and hygienic surfaces. When finished with multi-coloured quartz sand, they give very attractive, hardwearing floors.



Epoxy resin flooring car shop

Auto service - more photos

Epoxy resin flooring at a toy shop

Toy shop - more photos

White epoxy resin flooring

Reception lobby - more photos

Green quartz epoxy resin flooring, hangar, helicopter

Hangar - more photos

Undergorund parking epoxy resin flooring

Undergorund parking lot - more photos

Orange epoxy resin flooring at a bathroom

Bathroom - more photos

Epoxy floors feature:

  • high chemical resistance
  • great adhesion to its base
  • seals what is below
  • impact and abrasion resistance
  • dust proof
  • wide colour range
  • available as thin layer
  • aesthetic look



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Epocy resin floor, cutaway





BAUPOX epoxy systems

INDUSYSTEM eoxy flooring - for industrial and public facilities

Flooring system for industrial and public facilities subject to pressure corresponding to medium and heavy conditions of wheel transport and intensive pedestrian traffic. Resistant to impacts, pressure and shocks typically occurring during the loading of medium and heavy cargo.

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Underground garage, resin flooring

PARKINGSYSTEM anti slip, stiff epoxy floor system for parking lots

Specialized, stiff flooring system with anti‐slip properties. To be used in internal garage and parking facilities subject to pressure typical to wheel traffic – passenger cars, technical vehicles and trucks.

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DECOSYSTEM decorative epoxy resin floor system 




Decorative flooring system to be used in public facilities, staff rooms, back rooms and technical areas. Resistant to loads corresponding to medium conditions of wheel transport and pedestrian traffic.

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BAUPOX epoxy resin

BAUPOX 100 ST Universal epoxy resin

Baupox 100 ST epoxy resin

Universal, colourless Baupox® 100 ST epoxy resin
for technical applications. Impregnation and grounding of seasoned/stabilized concrete foundations and cement screeds. Making levelling layers and polymer screeds. Making base layers in systems with granulate from natural or dyed quartz aggregate. Anchoring of elements in various types of founda‐tions/bases/substrates.

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Baupox 100 STR epoxy resin

Universal, colourless Baupox® 100 STR epoxy resin
for technical applications. Two‐component, transparent epoxy resin for universal applications. Impregnation and grounding of stabilized concrete foundations and cement screeds. Making levelling layers and polymer screeds. Making base layers in systems with granulate from natural or dyed quartz aggregate. Making epoxy‐glass laminates. Anchoring of elements in various types of foundations. Repairing cracks, scratches and defects

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BAUPOX 200 pigmented epoxy resin

Pigmented Baupox® 200 epoxy resin
containing no solvents and water of a wide range of applications. Making thin‐coat floors. Making self‐spreading/levelling floors. Making finishing layers in industrial and parking systems on the basis of natural quartz aggregate.

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Baupox 200 W tinted epoxy paint

Two‐component Baupox® 200 W epoxy paint (satin) with the addition of mineral fillers that may be diluted with water. Coloured epoxy coat to protect cement foundations, mineral screeds, mortars, to be used on horizontal surfaces. Suitable for damp rooms. Used for surfaces in garages, also on the base plate.

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Baupox 400 transparent epoxy resin 


Two‐component, transparent Baupox® 400 epoxy resin
based on bisfenol A/F with no solvents added. As a binding agent in industrial and decorative floors on the basis of dyed quartz aggregate and mineral‐synthetic aggregate. For the making of finishing layers in industrial and decorative systems on the basis of colour polymer chips and dyed quartz ag‐gregate.

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Polyurethane varnish for finishing layers


BAUPUR 500 TOP M colourless polyurethane varnish 


Colourless Baupur® 500 TOP M polyurethane varnish
for finishing layers – matt. Two-component, based on water polyurethane dispersion. As a matting finishing layer in industrial and decorative flooring sys‐tems on the basis of dyed quartz aggregate, mineral‐synthetic aggre‐gate and coloured acrylic chips.


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Epoxy agent for concrete surfaces



 BAUPOX100GP epoxy agent for concrete surfaces 

Baupox 100 GP epoxy agent for concrete

Colourless, deeply‐penetrating Baupox® 100 GP epoxy agent  for concrete surfaces. Strengthening and sealing of concrete foundations and cement screeds. As an anti‐dusting agent for industrial floors subject to intensive activity of external factors.

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