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Polished decorative floors

Accomplishments - polished floors

Look how impressive polished floors are. Below are our projects.


Shopping mall, Passage around go-cart racetrack

Terrafloor polished floor - shopping centre

Terrafloor® polished floor is well suited to shopping arcades and malls.

In this particular project at Blue City shopping centre in Warsaw, Terrafloor® polished floor was built in passages adjacent to go-cart racecourse. The place required floor simple to keep clean and intense pedestrian traffic resistant.


More pictures from project's site






Airport hall, lobby

Terrafloor polished floor - lobby

Terrafloor® is ideal for fine lobbies, e.g.


  • airport
  • cinema, theatre
  • restaurant
  • office
  • museum
  • comapny premises





Sports Shop

Sports shop polished floor

We recommend Terrafloor® for shops, stores, and car showrooms, e.g.


  • sports shop
  • fashion boutique
  • the grocer's
  • supermarket
  • exhibition halls, fair halls
  • home electronics store
  • car showroom






Warehouse logistic zone

Warehouse polished floor

Terrafloor® polished floor may also be built in warehouses, especially if customers are welcomed here too, goods are given out to strangers or employees rest, e.g.:


  • warehouse 
  • canteen by warehouse
  • cloakroom, smoking room
  • office space adjacent to warehouse
  • reception desk


Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.







Storeroom, polished concrete floor

Terrafloor® is recommended even  for regular storeroom space. Bautech polished floor withstands spot loads - forklift wheels, storage racks.

Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.






Private residence, Home

Polished concrete floor around stairs

Terrafloor® polished flooring is great for homes and residences.

Particularly for room exposed to intensive usage, where family guests are welcomed, etc.:

  • hall
  • drawing room
  • stairs surroundings
  • kitchen
  • terrace

Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.






Drawing room

Home family room with concrete floor

Polished concrete floor is a great choice for home's family room.

Terrafloor® is extremely durable, will last decades, withstand treaded boots, heavy furniture moving.

Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.






Office block, Business premises

Office, polished flooring

Terrafloor® polished concrete floors are designed for offices, company premises, headquarters, office block.

First, they will resist treaded boots and are extremely easy to maintain. Terrafloors outdo carpet and wooden floors in durability. Floor made of polished concrete will last decades.


Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.







Pictures lobby - polished concrete floor

Terrafloor® polished floors are recommended for cinemas, theatres, community centres, exhibition centres.

That is congested places where fast maintenance is crucial. Polished concrete floor can be quickly washed and there is little chance that it will crack or chip even when used heavily.


Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.






Food store, Grocery shop

Polished concrete - grocery store

Food stores and grocery stores are great places for polished floors to be built in..

Even though treated every day with customers' shoes, Terrafloor® will last years. Rare cuts will make your interior quiter if shopping carts are around. Polished concrete floor is easy to maintain, no loose tiles, chipping is unlikely. 


Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.






Tools rental company

Tool rental company interior

Tool rental company - doesn't this project prove Terrafloor®'s resistance to chips and dents?

It goes without saying that heavy tools will be dropped frequently on the floor, heavy equipment will be transported on trolleys. In the evening floor will be covered with a layer of sand. On the photo (left) dust is a side effect of polishing. 


Floor contractor: P. Górski sp.j.






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