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Multitop Press - decorative paving hardener


Mineral hardener for PRESSBETON® pavements CT-C50-F7-A9

Dry shake topping for decorative paving, bag

Multitop® Press is mineral, dry shake topping (DST) for PRESSBETON pavements. It contains hard aggregate, high‐performance cements and proper admixtures and pigments. 



  • Making of decorative surfaces in PRESSBETON® technology.
  • To be used in parking lots, squares, pavements, terraces, patios, in pubs, restaurants, public facilities, commercial centres and in other facilities of higher aesthetic requirements.

For professional use only.


  • High resistance to abrasion
  • High dusting resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Sealed and non‐dusting surface
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Frost‐resistant
  • Wide range of colours

MULTITOP PRESS hardener is used on outdoor surfaces of freshly‐made concrete of exposure class XF4:

  • class C30/37
  • w/c ratio ≤ 0,45
  • amount of cement min.340 kg/m3
  • cement CEM I, CEM II/A‐S, CEM II/B‐S or CEM III/A
  • aggregate with adequate resistance to freezing / defrosting
  • aggregate ≤ 16 mm
  • contents of fraction ≤ 0.25 mm ‐ min. 4%
  • sand point about 36%
  • aeration 4 – 5,5 %
  • total amount of cement and aggregate of fraction ≤0.25 mm – max. 450 kg/m3
  • addition of steel fibres BAUMIX and polypropylene fibers BAUCON by recommendation of BAUTECH
  • consistence on the construction site: S3, Abrams cone slump about 12 cm.
  • without the addition of fly‐ash

CAUTION! Do not add any volatile ashes, as these tend to accumulate in the top layer of the slab, which may cause the dusting of the floor or detachments of the hardenER. It is forbidden to add water to concrete mixture in order to increase its workability. This causes a significant loss of the strength of the concrete and a clear increase of the chemical and physical shrinkage, leading to the creation of uncontrolled scratches and cracks. Concrete must be properly compacted.


Temperature of the ambient and foundation during the works and for the next 5 days should be between +5°C and +30°C. The surface made should be protected from losing water too quickly as a result of, for example, high temperatures, draught, sunlight operation etc. In order to ensure high quality and uniform colour, all works should be performed with suitable tools in an area protected from dust, EPS balls and similar impurities.


Topping application by hand

On vibrated surface of concrete that is free from puddles and even sprinkle evenly surface hardener MULTITOP PRESS in the amount of about 3.5 kg/m2. Level the surface with a large steel float, remember‐ing to work the edges. In the right moment impress the desired pat‐tern using PRESSBETON® forms, after applying special release agent preventing the forms from sticking to the concrete.

Multitop® Press hardener technical sheetpdf



Decorative paving, cutaway


When the concrete has bound, wash the separating with a pressure unit, then impregnate the dry surface with BAUSEAL ENDURO PLUS. The sealer should be applied evenly by spraying. Clean the surface regularly to keep its elegant appearance. All kinds of dirt, oil spills etc. should be removed immediately after they are created.


The mixture contains cement ‐ mixed with water gives an alkaline reac‐tion. Avoid breathing, protect eyes and skin. In case of contaminations: clean eyes with plenty of water, wash skin with soap and water. Working areas should be ventilated. Keep away from the children.

  • All the information herein refers to products stored and used accord‐ing to our recommendations, has been presented in good faith and takes into account the current state of knowledge and experience of BAUTECH. You are obliged to use the product in accordance with its intended purpose and BAUTECH’s recommendations. All the techni‐cal information provided is based on laboratory tests and trials. Out‐of‐laboratory tests may give different results due to the conditions, location, manner of application and other circumstances that are out of BAUTECH’s control. Any different recommendations issued by our employees must be made in writing; otherwise, they shall be deemed null and void. These instructions replace all the previous ones and make them void.
  • The surface of the made floor may have differences in the shade and appearance, depending on the conditions and manner of performing works, drying conditions etc. This is not a defect of the product and does not influence the technical parameters and functional proper‐ties of the floor. Colour diversification of the floor may also result from non‐homogenous concrete foundation.
  • If the relative humidity f the air is below 40%, blooming may appear on the surface. If the relative humidity of the air exceeds 80%, the setting process of the concrete may be extended.

30 kg bags, pallet 35 x 30 kg = 1050 kg


6 months from the date on the packaging, if stored in original, tightly closed packaging, in ventilated rooms, at the temperature between 5°C and 25°C.

Product compliant with EN‐13813

Fire rating


Release of corrosive substances

cement mortar (CT)

Compressive strength
after 28 days

> 50 N/mm2 (C50)

Bendig strength
after 28 days

> 7 N/mm2 (F7)

Abrasion resistance – Boehme test

< 9 cm="" sup="">3/50cm2 (A9)

Hardness ‐ Mohs’s scale



approx. 3,5 kg/m2

Oil permeability

0 mm

Chemical resistance

e.g. oils, chloride‐based whiten‐ing agents, ethyl alcohol, alka‐line detergents, printing paint

Application temperature

from +5°C to +30°C


pedestrian traffic: 14 days
complete resistance:28 days


MT101 - tile red
MT102 - lawn green
MT103 - desert beige
MT104 - light sandstone
MT105 - old gold
MT106 - chocolate
MT107 - silver grey
MT108 - charcoal 

CE nawierzchnie ozdobne


EN 13813



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