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Skatepark concrete surface

Skatepark concrete surface

Skatepark's troweled  hardened concrete surface. For skaters, rollerblades, BMXs.





Skatepark surface


Technology: Hardened concrete surfaceMultitop® Enduro hardener, graphite

Facility use: skateborder, rollerblader, BMXer playgorund

Investor: Naklo community

Area: 400 m2


As skateboard wheels are small in size, skatepark surface must be perfectly even. BMX tyres are more forgiving on the safety criterion (risk of a tumble), but still roll resistance of uneven surface would have applied.

"Fun" factor can only be met with concrete - either grinded or hardened & troweled. Let's look closer at both technologies.


Variant I - newly constructed skateparks

More popular and cheaper solution is that of hardened concrete surface - concrete laid down, sprinkled with topping-hardener, troweled. As machine trowels are popular with industry floor contractors, to find one should not pose an effort. That technology has been utilized on the attched pohotos.


Variant II - existing slab renovation

Consider X-Floor® grinded concrete technology. No need to peel away old concrete. Say, we have an old parking lot to be adapted for a skatepark. A piece of cake: Grind the surface, simultaneously apply Terraseal® densifier that penetrates concrete, sealing and reinforcing it at molecular level.


Skatepark concrete slab will typically require cutting joints, that must be filled with weatherproof (sun, rain, frost) sealants - Bauflex® 25 from our product line.


Are you a "skatepark contractor" or construction materials wholesaler, distributor. Call us for information and complete surface system supply.





Funbox - grindbox at slab's central place.


Even, leveled surface

Funbox-surface precise joint is only possible with even, leveled slab.


Bank - acceleration item

Possible surface imperfections would be especially hurtful just below bank's brink.


Rail bolted joint

Another quality test for the slab: rail's bolted fastenings.


Scatepark graphite slab

Skatepark slab may be pigmented with hardener. With the given project, graphite color had been chosen. You can mix colors or tint parts of slab separately. Check color range.





Sample projects



Summary: skatepark, surface, concrete, smooth, roll resistance, skateboard, rollerblade, bmx bicycle, playground



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