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Hardened concrete floors

Bautop Enduro Hardener

BAUTOP ENDURO is a hard wearing, metallic dry shake topping for monolithic floors. When sprinkled and trowelled into fresh wet concrete floors, it forms a wear resistant smooth surface. BAUTOP ENDURO provides high resistance to the penetration of oils, grease, etc. and is easily cleaned. BAUTOP ENDURO is a dry powder comprising hard aggregates, cements and compatible admixtures.



BAUTOP ENDURO is used for factories, warehouses (intensive traffic) and explosive conditions areas etc, where a dense, abrasion resistant, non-dusting floor is required.

For professional use only.


SPEcial properties

  • High wear resistance
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance free
  • Sealed and dust-proofed
  • Quality assured factory blend
  • Fast track
  • Colour Range
  • Antistatic

Method of use

To ensure a high standard of floor, the contractor should operate in as clean and protected an environment as possible. Every effort should be made to ensure even application of BAUTOP ENDURO and correct timing and trowelling techniques are essential. The concrete deliveries should be of consistent quality. A concrete slump in the range 80 to 100 mm will normally give best results. The slab should be of good quality concrete with a water/cement ratio < 0.5, aggregate size should be <= 16 mm, cement content <= 350 kg. BAUTOP ENDURO is applied evenly in two separate applications of 2,5 kg/m2 each, the first stage is applied after the surface bleed water has either been removed or evaporated. Care should be taken when applying by hand not to cast the material over long distances as this will reduce the consistency of the finished surface. The first application should be worked into the slab followed immediately with the sprinkling on of the second measurement. BAUTOP ENDURO results in the slab surface becoming stiff more quickly than usual. Careful trimming should take place along the edges where adjoining slabs are to be poured. Final finishing to close pores and remove undulations can be achieved either by hand or powered trowel. To achieve the most satisfying results it is essential that best powerfloating practice be followed. Excessive powerfloating can cause blemishes. Cure and seal BAUTOP ENDURO immediately after finishing using BAUSEAL ENDURO. Apply BAUSEAL ENDURO by roller or fine mist spray. Disperse by roller any pools which form. After completing the saw cuts clean off any residual lubricant slurry without delay. To maintain the most pleasing finish for hand-over, protect the surface during subsequent site operations and clean carefully.


Packaging: 30 kg bags
Dosage: approx. 5 kg/m2
Compressive strength: > 60 N/mm2
Bending strength: > 10 N/mm2
Abrasion resistance - Boehme test: A1,5
Storage: 6 months when stored in cool dry conditions in original, unopened containers.
Colour Range: Natural Grey, Platinum Grey, Titanium Grey, Graphite, Brick Red and Olive Green.


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