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Industrial flooring systems

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Decorative flooring and paving

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Concrete floors

pdf Bautech DST System - monolithic concrete floor

pdf Bautech DST Parking System, monolithic concrete floor

pdf WTW System - wet to wet monolithic concrete flooring

pdf MULTITOP® Mineral hardener for industrial floors (DST system)

pdf MULTITOP® ENDURO Metallic-siliceous hardener for industrial floors (DST system)

pdf MULTITOP® ENDURO WTW (wet-to-wet) Metallic-siliceous hardener for industrial floors

pdf BAUTOP® ENDURO Metallic hardener for industrial floors – DST system

pdf BAUTOP® ENDURO WTW (wet-to-wet) Metallic hardener for industrial floors

pdf EXTRATOP® ENDURO Ultrametallic hardener for industrial floors

pdf X-FLOOR® SYSTEM Refined, polished concrete flooring



PCC floors, thin-layer flooring

pdf BAUFLOOR® ULTIMA Thin-layer, polished, decorative concrete flooring - PCC, 8-15 mm

pdf BAUFLOOR® CREATIVO Thin-layer, decorative finish - PCC, 2-3 mm

pdf BAUFLOOR® ENDURO Thin-layer, troweled concrete floor PCC, 8-15 mm

pdficon_small Cienkowarstwowa, wylewana (antypoślizgowa) posadzka betonowa PCC (gr. 8-15 mm) BAUFLOOR® TOP

pdf BAUFLOOR® PRESS Thin-layer, self-spread decorative floor PRESSBETON® 8-15 mm

pdf UNIFLOOR® Polymer-cement universal floor base, thickness 25 – 50 mm

pdf BAUGRUNT® Grounding compound. Concentrate to be diluted with water

pdf BAUBOND® Cement-polymer adhesive layer



Decorative floors, wall & 3-D decoration solutions

pdf PRESSBETON® decorative pavements catalogue (colours, patterns, photos)

pdf MULTITOP® PRESS Mineral hardener for PRESSBETON® decorative pavements CT-C50-F7-A9

pdf MULTITOP® VERTICAL Cement-polymer decorative wall layer

pdficon_small Polimerowo-cementowa cienkowarstwowa posadzka dekoracyjna (gr. 15-30 mm) TERRAFLOOR®  nanotechnology 

pdf MICROTERRAFLOOR® Thin-layer, polished decorative screed 10 – 20 mm  nanotechnology 

Terrafloor® polished screeds' colours: pdficon_smallTerrafloor colour scheme nanotechnology

Microterrafloor® polished screeds' colour scheme: pdficon_smallMicroterrafloor colour scheme nanotechnology

pdf TERRATOP® Polymer-cement, thin-layer decorative screed 15 – 30 mm  nanotechnology

pdf MICROTERRATOP® Polymer-cement, thin-layer decorative screed 10 – 20 mm  nanotechnology

pdficon_small Bautech Cydryt System - decorative epoxy floor

pdf Bautech Colorid System - colour acrylic chips decorative epoxy floor


          Polished and architectural concrete - check Nano products below



Epoxy resin flooring (INDU System / PARKING System / DECO System)

pdf Bautech TL System

pdf Bautech SL System

pdf Bautech SR System

pdf Bautech Color Quartz 8 System - quartz aggregate, poured floor

pdf Bautech Color Quartz 12 System - quartz aggregate, troweled floor

pdf Bautech Parking System

pdficon_small Bautech Cydryt System

pdf Bautech Colorid System - colour acrylic chips decorative flooring



Sealers, paints, floor maintenance

pdf BAUSEAL® EKO Waterbased sealer for concrete floors

pdf BAUSEAL® ENDURO Solvent based sealer for concrete floors

pdficon_small Impregnat do kostki brukowej BRUKSEAL®

pdf BAUPOX® 100 GP Colourless, deeply-penetrating epoxy agent for con-crete surfaces

pdficon_small BAUPOX® 100 ST Universal, colourless epoxy resin for technical applica‐tions

pdf BAUPOX® 100 STR Universal, colourless epoxy resin for technical applica-tions (solvent base)

pdf BAUPOX® 200 Pigmented epoxy resin containing no solvents and water of a wide range of applications

pdf BAUPOX® 200 W Two‐component epoxy paint diluted with water

pdf BAUPOX® 400 Colourless epoxy resin with a wide range of applica‐tions

pdf BAUPUR® 500 TOP M Colourless polyurethane varnish for finishing layers – matt


nanotechnology for Terrafloor®, grinded&polished concrete floors:

pdf TERRASEAL® Silicate-lithium curing compound 

pdficon_small Wzmocniony krzemianowo-litowy preparat pielęgnujący TERRASEAL® MEGAHARD 

pdf TERRACOAT® Silicate-lithium polishing agent 

pdf TERRAFILL® Two-component preparation for the repair of concrete surfaces, cement screeds and polished floors


nanotechnology for concrete floors and surfaces:

pdf NANOSEAL® Lithium and polymer based agent for curing, strengthening and sealing of concrete surfaces

pdf NANOCOAT® Silicate and polymer based polishing agent for concrete floors

pdf BAUTECH FORMULA Silicate and polymer based agent for curing, strengthening and sealing of concrete surfaces 


Reinforcing fibres for concrete

pdf BAUMEX® Macro polymer fiber

pdf BAUCON® Polypropylene fibres

pdf BAUMIX® 60 steel fibres

pdf BAUMIX® 50 steel fibres


Joint sealants

pdf BAUFLEX® PRIMER for sealants

pdf BAUCORD® Polyethylene cord

pdf BAUFLEX® 25: Two component, flexible high performance sealant for internal and external flooring

pdf BAUFLEX® 35: 1‐part high performance sealant for flooring

pdf BAUFLEX® 65: Two component, high performance sealant for flooring

pdf BAUFIX® Filling insert



Tools and equipment

pdficon_small Zacieraczka mechaniczna FINISH 600 powered-by-honda

pdficon_small Zacieraczka mechaniczna PRO 900 powered-by-honda

pdficon_small Zacieraczka mechaniczna PRO 1200 powered-by-honda

pdficon_small Zacieraczka samojezdna BLACK RIDER 900 powered-by-honda




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