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Concrete flooring for Museum of the Second World War

Concrete flooring - Museum of the Second World War


Project: Museum of the Second World War, Gdansk, Poland


1. Bautech hardened concrete flooring, choice of colours

2. decorative Pressbeton® pavement

Area: main exhibition - 5 000 m2, entire building - 23 000 m2


Use: museums, exhibitions, fair grounds


One of Europe's largest historical exhibitions - Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland - is fitted with Bautech concrete flooring. That's approx 5 000 m2.

Hardened monolithic concrete delivers both unassuming aesthetics and durability. Vistors' footwear grind and polish the floor every single day - silicon particles, same as on sanpaper, find the way to the interior all day round. Select the proper hardener for your project to attain sufficient dustproofness. Our floors will resist daily machine wet cleaning.

Desire for adequate decoration was even as important here. Although wooden parquets used to be utilized in museums, with martyrdom related facilities modern concrete seems right. Science, etnographic, technical, art exhibitions can also benefit. Grey concrete floor and walls will remain in the background; exhibits - in highlight.


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Museum of the Second World War edifice

Museum's 40,5-meter slanted tower with city view.


Round pillars in museum hall

Museum's hall features Bautech's hardened concrete flooring.


Raw concrete at museum's hall

Bautech's concrete flooring system delivered to the museum. Walls made of architectural concrete.


Ticket booth queue

Shortly after museum's inauguration - visitors' shoes grind the floor - both hardener and sealer had been selected accordingly.


Directional guidance for the blind

Directional guidance for the blind.


UNRRA parcel on a table

UNRRA parcel in austere postwar dwelling.

Museum display units

Window tables on Bautech flooring. Warm light coming from war-era lamps.


Arranged bombed out street

Pressbeton®-arranged war-era, bombed out street.


cloakroom, slanted wall, concrete

Museum's cloakroom finished with concrete; lockers, slanted wall.


Stairs, concrete pillars

With intense, natural light the flooring seems brighter. The stair direct visitors to main exhibition beneath ground level. Education and science departments, library and archives function in the compex as well. 



Tactile guidance attached to Bautech concrete flooring. Hall with elevators.




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