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Micro cement finished worktops

Micro concrete worktop, cookies, coffee


Use: kitchen worktops, desktops, table tops, window sills


Technology: Creativo Baufloor® micro concrete, choice of colours

Area: 1 m2 and up


The increasingly popular micro concrete founded its side application - on kitchen countertops. Let's look at rationale...

Micro concrete is easy to apply - thus making small projects (2 square meters of a kitchen top) viable. Micro concrete's layer is only 2-3 mm thick and the material is extraordinarily adhesive not only to concrete, but also drywall, old tiles, plasters.

Secondly - desire for simplicity. After years of baroque interior designs, we now experience trend for "simple & industrial". Everybody wishes concrete for their interiors. How to get it quickly? Table desk and kitchen tops are limited in size (compared to flooring space) making ideal objects for concrete finish. To change the flooring surface requires a troublesome renovation; a worktop may be coated with micro cement within hours.

Micro concrete is hermetic - for it has resins in it. Water, wine, coffee and garlic juice will leave neither permanent traces nor smells on worktops.

How to make a concrete-like worktop? First we need some regular top (plywood, wood, OSB, MDF) and then a hired contractor could coat it with 2-3-milimeter micro cement layer.


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Micro concrete components packaging

Bautech's Creativo® micro concrete components.

Modern kitchen, worktop, island

Micro concrete works great for modern kitchens. With large worktops, pictured, micro cement fixed costs will be distributed onto larger space - thus making the price comparable to tiles. Also consider using Creativo® micro cement for furniture, walls, hall and living room flooring.


Bottled wine, glasses, worktop surface, micro concrete

As micro concrete is sealed with polyurethane varnish, spilled red wine will leave no stains.


Studio's kitchen, desk, microconcrete, world map

Studio's kitchenette. A desk with continent shapes mapped with differently coloured micro concrete compounds. Successful combination of concrete greyness and lively coloured wood. 


Designer kitchen lounge

Micro cement proves in designer kitchen lounges. While in the kitchen pictured only walls are micro concrete covered, we had recommended a selection of our decorative flooring to investor. 


Micro cement. Daisies, nuts, grapes

Micro concrete finished tops may be plain or textured. Photographed is mix of herringbone and elypse patterns. Selection of colours is available. What tops to apply the micro concrete onto? Home worktops, bathroom and kitchen (wet) countertops, office applications.


Old school kitchen table top covered with concrete

Old school kitchen table top might be finished with concrete as well.

Kitchen, coffee machine, light flooring micro cement

Carefully designed kitchen, coffee machine, light micro concrete finished flooring.




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