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Concrete flooring at Emigration Museum

Emigration Museum. Concrete floor, transatlantic ship


Project: Emigration Museum, Gdynia, Poland


1. Ultima Baufloor® decorative flooring screed, pick colour from the palette

2. Baufloor® Press paving

3. Terrazzo renovation (our X-Floor® system)


Three flooring systems were fitted into former marine station, which now serves as Emigration Museum. Plain concrete floor, stamped paving and terrazzo make background for exhibits.

How they perform, considering substantial visitor traffic and demand for aesthetics?

Most of the museum's space was fitted with Baufloor® concrete flooring screed. While it gives neat appearance to the interior, it originates from industrial flooring, thus being extraordinarily dust-proof.

Another technology utilized in the museum is Baufloor® Press paving. It moves visitors back in time, to early 20th century - scenery of the railway station with its paved platform and manufacture-workshop labour atmosphere.

Ultimately the existing old terrazzo - present in the station's hall and stairs - revived with our X-Floor® renovation technology.

All three flooring systems are pictured around.


Adapting historic interior? Bautech decorative flooring are designed for these projects. Our technical and sales teams are here to help.



Emigration Museum building, Gdynia

Emigration Museum edifice in Gdynia, Poland. Former marine station.


Youth busy with exhibits

Young people busy with exhibits, not the floor. Concrete makes background.


Museum interior, free Poland, Tadeusz Mazowiecki 1989

Stepping on the Bautech concrete floor, we can listen to historical speeches.


artificial nad natural light on concrete flooring

Variable is greyness of concrete: warm when artificial light falls onto the floor; cool - when sunlight diluted by clouds.


Ex-marine station hall with revived terrazzo

Ex-marine station hall with revived terrazzo.


Pving, train car, platform

Railway station arranged at the museum; the platform finished with our Baufloor Press - Czech pavement pattern.


Transamerica journey, green railway car, cobbled platform

Baufloor® Press surface features several shades of the colour chosen for the project.


Wnętrze bruk klasyczny cegła

Black and white photos call for attractive background: the floor had been finished with Baufloor® Press and the walls with red brick. Vertical surfaces can be finished to brick-look with Pressbeton® Vertical.

Open-work screens attached to concrete flooring

Perforated steel screens were bolted to the floor.


Museum exhibit, simple interior

How to revive the interior dominated by concrete? Red and yellow museum boards; wood on the walls.


Fiat 126p, vintage radio

Fiat 126p from the 70s, vintage radio and some heavier props could be put up on the Baufloor®. Our flooring concrete is also suitable for painting and sticking signs onto it (the arrow pictured). 


Emigration to America room

Concrete flooring matches both medieval and renaissance and 20th century exhibits, like modernist elevation. Note the steel framework bolted to the floor.




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