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Training videos

You are welcome to utilize our training videos. Learn how to build an industrial floor, concrete decorative paving, how to impregnate it, how to seal joints.


Polished terrazzo at a theatre



Sample Terrafloor® projects




How to build anti-static concrete floor

With hoop-iron, mesh and steel fibres.



Floor components




How to pour Bautech DST Ultima® polished monolithic flooring

Compatible with underfloor heating systems.



More decorative flooring photos




How to build Baufloor® Ultima polished decorative screed at home

Modern architecture backed with polished decorative concrete screed.



More Baufloor® Ultima photos




How to lay jointless concrete slab?

Jointless slab - more durable and reliable than conventional sawn-cut-joint floor - is based on metal armoured, sparsely distributed, heavy-duty joints. Recommended for intensely used logistics centers, warehouses.



Our fiber Our hardeners




How to lay resin floor with quartz

Green epoxy resin flooring with stained quartz sand - our Color Quartz 8 System. Built in aircraft hangar.



Baupox® Color Quartz 8 system




How to lay decorative pressed concrete?

There are a few dozens of patterns, approx. ten colors and only one method to build this kind of paving. The video shows it in a few minutes.



See also:


Pressbeton® colours and patterns




How to lay Terrafloor® decorative polished screed?

We usually pour Terrafloor® on old concrete foundation - and receive mirror like, marble like flooring, only 10-30 mm thick.



See also:


Products shown on video Polished screeds colors and textures




How to build concrete polished floor?

An ordinary hardened concrete floor can easily be transformed into a noble polished concrete flooring. Use Bautech  Terraseal® silicate densifier and Terracoat® polishing agent. Watch our polished concrete floor tutorial. Great kind of floor for home, office, mall.



See also:


Featured products



How to build epoxy resin floor with colored sand sprinkled over?

Baupox® Color Quartz 8 System - decorative epoxy resin floor with colour sand integrated. Our trainer is just carring a training course for contractors, will you find it hepful? 



See also:


Products shown in video Quartz sand colour palette



How to build plain epoxy floor?

Starting from foundation impregnation to the second layer of epoxy resin treated with a ribbed roller. Learn how to build simple epoxy floor for depot, workshop, exhibition hall or manufacturing plant, that is Baupox® TL System.



See also:


Products shown in video Epoxy floor colours



How to build a DST hardened concrete floor?

Place insulation film on the underground, lay fresh concrete reinforced with Baumix® steel fibres, harden concrete with Bautech hardener and then impregnate the surface and seal the joints. Watch the whole proccess of building the most popular kind of industrial flooring - that is DST (dry shake topping) floor.



See also:


Products shown in video Hardened concrete floors' colours



How to build a PCC Baufloor® flooring?

On the thorougly prepared foundation, lay Baufloor® screed and then... You can imprint pattern, smoothen or finish with a ribbed roller. Decorative PCC floor, plain PCC floor or anti slip PCC floor will result respectively.



See also:


Products shown in video


Patterns and colours of decorative floors Colours of plain and anti-slip floors



How to repair chipped concrete (popouts, spalling) with Terrafill® compound?

This is ice rink slab being repaired, but Terrafill® is great for indoor concrete flooring, polished decorative screeds, etc.



See also:


Terrafill® product page




How to apply Baumex® polymer fiber at concrete plant?

As polymer fiber is light, it's easy to transport and apply. Polymers replace traditional steel reinforcement, e.g. mesh or steel fibre..



See also:


Baumex® fiber technical sheet




How to build PressBeton® decorative concrete paving?

From laying concrete to impregnating decorative surface...



See also:


Products shown in video Pressbeton® patterns and colours




How to spread Unifloor® concrete base (for tiles, epoxy resin or some docorative screed)

Cement-polymer universal base for various projects: may make a final layer or be finished with ceramic tiles, some kind of paint or resin, or can be hardened with a hardener. Great for levelling.



See also:


Unifloor® data sheet



Concrete floor trowels in action

Initial finishing with a disc, rough finishing with a riding trowel, walk behind trowels for detailed finishing around walls and pillars.



See also:


Walk behind trowels 600, 900, 1200 Riding trowel Black Rider 900



How to impregnate DST hardened concrete floor? How to coat PressBETON® decorative concrete paving?

Concrete surfaces are usually coated with a pressure sprayer, but different Bautech curing, impregnating and coating solutions can be applied...



See also:


Bautech impregnating compounds



How to seal joints in hardened concrete floor?

Cut and smoothen joints, then impregnate with Bauflex® primer compound. Fill joint with cord and joint sealants. When cutting joints wet the surface to avoind overheating the surrounding concrete.



See also:


Bautech joint sealants



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