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Decorative flooring and paving


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Baufloor decorative screed


● glossy
● 8-15 mm thick
● top dustproofness
● industrial durability
● easy to maintain


Vintage decorative floor


● 2-3 mm thick
● easy to build
● unique texture
● feasible on weaker base, tiles, walls
● flexible to certain extent


Polished concrete


● grinded & polished concrete
● reinforces & seals floor
● improves wear resistance
● prevents dusting & staines




● decorative grinded screed
● marble/granite like
● mirror smooth & glossy
● rich colour palette


White resin floor


● rich colour palette
● unlimited ideas
● photos and 3D elements may be blended into
● top chemical & mechanical resistance


Cobbled pavement


● for interior and exterior
● abundant patterns and colours
● thin layer possible
● capable of imitating sandstone, granite, etc.


Concrete bas-relief


● can imitate stone wall
● great for artificial rocks, 3D structures, reliefs
● for finishing low walls, pedestals



Concrete in the service of design flooring

Family room concrete floor
Guitar, concrete flooring
Office decorative screed
Bar stools, concrete flooring
Dining room, concrete floooring
Cosmetics store, concrete flooring

Classic industrial floor for office, boutique, hotel lobby!

Glamour achieved by grinding. Built in two variants:

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Sample projects



Flooring and wall decorative screed

Micro concrete flooring at massage studio
Microconcrete texture. Fashion boutique
Eatery, micro concrete floor
Industrially-styled staircase. Micro concrete colorful steps
Micro concrete flooring, bathroom, towel, toilet paper
Microconcrete flooring texture

Microcement - creative, upscale, decorative flooring and wall cladding for new/refurbished base

  • 2-3 mm thick layer, range of colours
  • exclusive, decorative, durable
  • texture, pattern can be imprinted. Dust proof.
  • good both for floors and walls; on concrete, wood, tiles, plasterboard, dry wall, furniture.
  • For apartment, loft, studio, club, wet room, office.

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Sample projects



Grinded and polished concrete

Decorative polished concrete
Glossy concrete floor, swivel armchair
Home center, polished concrete flooring
Airport decorative floor
Wooden stairs, wooden flooring

Granite-like flooring built through polishing regular concrete?

You need more than grinding and polishing mashine. Bautech Nanotechnology sealers are essential.

Both old and new concrete slabs can be adapted for polished concrete flooring. While grinding and polishing, you need to apply Terraseal and Terracoat lithium sealers.

More photos: sample projects, gallery.

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Decorative screed

Terrazzo theatre foyer
Terrazzo at sunny hall. Table, chairs
Polished decorative screed family room
High factory gate, vintage
Mirror effect
Shopping mall, polished decorative screed, marble, granite

Look like Marble or Granite. Merely few would recognize concrete.

Revolutionary decorative system of polished cement screeds imitating granite or marble but surpassing them in terms of the design and color capabilities. The use of nanotechnology provides a mirror finish surface and high resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, UV radiation, stains and makes it easy to clean. The very rich colors allows to tailor to both individual client needs and the specific nature of the object. To be used on old and newly made concrete floor.

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Sample projects



Decorative epoxy resin flooring

White epoxy resin flooring
Green anti slip quartz sand resin flooring
Bathroom plain orange resin floor
Brown resin decorative flooring
Photofloor resin flooring

May be smooth or anti-slip. Are chemical-proof. Available in wide range of colors and textures.

Decorative flooring system intended for public utility buildings, social and utility rooms, and utility areas. Will withstand medium loads, wheel and pedestrian traffic.


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Sample projects



Decorative concrete paving

Decorative concrete stone
Modern facade, stamped concrete surface finish
Stamped concrete, pub, bar, eatery
Garden alley, lantern
Stamped concrete, parking lot, birch

PressBeton® - Pattern, texture and color imprinted in concrete.


What Foundation?

Pressbeton® may make thin layer (layed on existing concrete surface) or may make a construction, thick layer (layed on project's underpinning or bed).


PressBeton® is great for parking lots, pavements and driveways, as well as for reception halls, corridors. Is to some extent anti-slip.


Patterns and colors

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Sample projects



Wall concrete decoration

Africarium, artificial rocks
Elephant eye, concrete
Wall decorative concrete layer, bas-relief, low-relief
Old brick wall decoration, bicycle
Fossil, palm leaf, concrete wall

Cement‐polymer decorative wall layer.

Pressbeton® Vertical mineral layer for making wall facings imitating stone, wood, brick etc. It contains hard aggregate, high‐performance cements and proper admixtures and pigments. When applied on the foundation, it creates a coloured, long‐lasting, very hard and smooth surface which may be modelled and in which shapes may be impressed.

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Sample projects




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